Community Security

Feel safe and secure knowing Nevada Trails has a first class security company protecting our homes and neighborhood. Triton Security employs vehicle and foot patrols throughout the day and night. Triton Security has a 24/7 call center ready to take action if you see anything suspicious or out of place.

Call Triton at  877-757-0909.

​Call 911 if you have a life-threatening situation that requires a prompt response.

In your community you have security that is always there to help you and no request is taken as small or not important. If you feel you have a reason to call security then go with your gut and make that call. We will respond to anything you feel is just not right. We would much rather us confront the potential threat than you. We also need your eyes and ears to help us in your neighborhood because we cannot be everywhere all the time. Remember this IF YOU SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING. We cannot help you or your community if you do not tell us about strange things you see. CALL US ANYTIME AT 877-757-0909

Shane D. Rowley / President TRITON SECURITY INC

​Check out these safety practices to ensure you're doing your part.

​Be sure you always lock every door even main doors from the garage should be locked if possible. Also another good investment is window locks which are proven to deter criminals that might be afraid to break glass for fear of being heard.

Never leave your garage door open. 87% of home invasions happen through an open garage door, you should make it a habit to close the garage door from inside your vehicle once you pull in or immediately close it after entering home. Also be sure to watch the door close completely to ensure a would be criminal waiting does not hop inside while it is closing. Even if you’re away for just a short time. Most burglaries are “smash and grab” and only last a few minutes. Thieves will take whatever they can easily carry out the door. And remember to store valuables out of sight.

Pay attention to your neighbors. If you see unusual cars coming and going several times a day or if you small strange odors or just simply see something odd you should report it right away to security or the police for investigation.
​Your should always know what is around you whenever possible. It is very smart to look out your window to check for lurking vehicles or people that seem to be hanging around before you exit your home to go to your cat or out for a walk
​When leaving your home to walk you should carry a walking stick and if possible pepper spray for two reasons. One, to thwart human attackers and, two, to protect yourself from dogs or other animals that may be loose in your neighborhood that might attack you or your child. You should always carry your cell phone for emergencies.

​Unless approved by the Board of Directors, there is a no soliciting policy enforced in the community so you should call security anytime you see solicitors so we can investigate. It is also highly advisable to purchase a no soliciting sign to place on you front door so that when you do call us about solicitors we have legal recourse to enforce the rules and trespass the solicitors.

Set timers on lights in the house that go on around dusk and stay on until about 11:30 p.m.
Set timers on a radio or TV in the living room during the day for a few hours.
Set a timer in the master bedroom on a TV for around 8 PM and through 11:30 PM.
Don’t stop mail or newspaper deliveries. Ask your neighbor or a family member to pick up both.
Don’t tell the pool service to change dates. You need to keep the water clear anyway.
If you anticipate package or Fed Ex deliveries, route to the neighbor or family member but don’t tell FedEx or anyone else you are on vacation.
If there is a car normally in the driveway, leave one there. If you normally have it in garage, then no worries but try to maintain the aura that someone is home.
Try to ensure that any landscaping is maintained and looks freshly groomed. Residential thieves will look for places with plenty of weeds, overgrown grass or overgrown plants.
Be sure that windows are clear of shrubbery, bushes or any growth that blocks the visibility of seeing the window from street or sidewalk. Its fine to close blinds but if you can’t see out of the window due to shrubbery, etc. then that window can’t be seen from the outside. Thieves can hide behind that shrubbery and break in.

​An alarm is a good investment but it is a deterrent so understand that thieves know they have 45 seconds to a minute after they break in before the alarm goes off typically. Then, its roughly 5 to 10 minutes before a police response if any would occur. More often than not, there is guard service responding to alarms which could also take similar time, if in fact such a service was being provided. Thieves know the time element and work within it. So don’t hide the jewelry in your bottom dresser drawer and don’t hide cash in your shoes. They will pull down books quickly and yank out drawers to see if anything is behind or under. So leave a box of costume (fake) jewelry on your dresser top.

You should have a picture and the serial numbers of every electronic item in the house. TVs, entertainment centers and so forth. This information should be stored safely. It’s a good idea to use an electric engraver and mark the same 5 digit number on all your electronic valuables. It becomes a great way to identify stolen property when in police hands or at a pawn shop.

​Never leave sensitive information on your computer or laptop. Always download to a storage device or a jump drive and put those in a safe place. They may steal the laptop but they won’t steal your intel. Do not leave financial records, retirement accounts, etc. out in the open. Such records should be locked away in a file cabinet. No account passwords should ever be written in a file. Do not leave financial records, retirement accounts, etc. out in the open. Such records should be locked away in a file cabinet. No account passwords should ever be written in a file.

The “Run. Hide. Fight.®” video provides the information you need to survive an active shooter event.